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Have you ever had that person running around in your mind doing these crazy things that just make you laugh out loud?

No?? Oh, must be just me.. LOL!

Such is the daily life of Lacey Dancer, author.

Days, months, before pen is laid to paper the characters in her books pull at her.

Pippa.. the way she pulled and danced in her mind. Telling her about Diana and Jason, their damage, their healing, and Lorelei, so fragile, but, yet, so strong.

So many characters pulling, giggling, saying "write me, write me!"" Sleep? Who needs it?" she says as she wakes and lifts pen to paper.

Pippa Series

And then there's Randi, a city woman with her tidy world designed exactly the way she wants it.

Torn apart when she meets a handsome, country man. Can he entice her to a new world and remind her what she's missing.

Live Oak Series

Lucy, fun-filled, focused on living a life of high-heels, nice restaurants and one-night stands, who meets Alex, a country man with something more permanent on his mind.

Will she trust him enough to let go of old fears and let him into her heart?

And then there's Jay, that cantankerous old donkey with an abrasive bray and an attitude to match!

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