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Sydney Clary is an award winning international writer whose primary focus is women's fiction. However, forty-four years of experience in caregiving for many of her family, has given her a remarkable insight into the process, the rewards, the demands and the solutions that plague each of us who take on this demanding life.

Are you facing the task of caring for an aging relative, a child, or loved one through a serious illness?

This book is a real life approach to handling the multitude of problems that crop up each day. In your home, in a care facility and all the variations of caregiving locations, there are ways to help those who matter to you and help yourself survive the stress and strain of caregiving.

How to wait in waiting rooms. How to find a new location for your loved one when the present situation no longer meets the needs of your relative or friend. How to handle medical insurance. How to handle home care. How to resolve problems with medical staff. How to get bills paid. There are answers for these issues and many others, real life answers that work.

Need an idea or new avenue for that dead end you are facing as a caregiver. The goal of this book is to provide those answers, those suggestions. Examples of use are in every chapter, real people dealing with problems and solutions. Some will make you smile, some will make you cry, but each will show what can be done as you face this demanding and rewarding task in your own life.

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