The Pippa Series is a collection of romance stories about Olympic athletes either currently working towards the games or former ones who are no longer able to participate. There are only two books in this series but I do hope you will take the time to purchase your own copies, read them and share a review on either Good Reads or Amazon.

Choices – Book 1 – 2013

At seventeen years old, Lorelei Starke was America’s hope for gymnastic gold. A car crash cost her full use of her leg, a damaged voice and years of surgeries and physical therapy. Because of the hounding of the media, pity and sympathy of friends and family, and the scars on heart and body, she retreated to the country and her aunt’s house to recover, to build a new life for herself. Financially secure, challenged by her career in computer game design, she was content. If she longed for more, no one but she knew.

Alex Kane, Atlanta computer software executive, had pursued personal success with single minded determination. He had taken on all comers in a highly competitive field and won. He was at the top of his game and he wasn’t ready to even take a vacation until a physical exam highlighted what he was doing to his body. This was one battle he couldn’t afford to lose and it was the only battle he wanted to deny. A wrong turn, a rundown house and a lost dog brought the woman out of the fog, a woman who didn’t speak. Her daily ride, a ritual that was as necessary as breathing, was interrupted by curses and a man. Alex didn’t fit her world. Lorelei couldn’t live in his. Was living for the moment all that was possible?

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Diamond and Ice – Book 2 – 2016

Jason Starke ‘The Iceman’ had earned his nickname both on and off the ice. The Olympic Gold Medalist was a brilliant technician on the ice, a dazzling master of the silver blades. ‘Perfection on ice’ was his life. In private, Jason felt nothing. He viewed the world as a giant game board, people as players and himself as the master who wrote the rules.

He wanted more. His sport had given him wealth and power but stolen his ability to feel. Now he wanted to create a legacy that would live beyond him, a sports complex that would bring together the best support staff of the ice skating world for the benefit of each generation to come. Because he knew what his career had cost him he wanted more for those coming after him. He wanted the fire and heart that he no longer had.

Diana Diamond was a woman shrouded in mystery who create ice skating programs that fired the imagination and the senses. She was the obsession he had to have for his dream to be complete.

Diana wanted nothing to do with amateur skating again. She had almost lost her life pursuing her own Olympic dreams. Now her world was choreography, creating programs for professional ice skaters who were the best of the best. Choreography was her passion and perfection her goal.

Fire and Ice. When the two meet, the game begins and the rules change.

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