Fun Weekend Ahead

Delighted to join friends & authors for the first Support Y0ur Local Authors in Chiefland Fl this weekend. A hub of activity for the area, Chiefland Flea Market is hosting the event which will include presentations by the authors. With the holidays just around the corner, autographed books make great …

Writer Wednesday

As a writer, you can format to create mood and pace. Two simple examples: Shorter sentences & paragraphs tend to create speed & tension Longer sentences & paragraphs slow the pace and soften the mood.

On The Farm

Beautiful morning in spite of the cold. Orchids & lillies are blooming. The koi are definitely hungry. I can hear the donkeys braying about breakfast, Morning on the Farm.

Veterans Day Weekend

A bit cold but a beautiful start to this Veterans Day Weekend. Let’s take a moment to think of those who serve, those who have died for the freedom we cherish & all the families who sacrifice so much for all of us. Thank You.

Thank You Thursday

Where would a author be without followers, friends and reviews? We write the words and hope someone is listening. So today, I wanted recognize each of you. I answer all my contacts personally so thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to make contact on Twitter, …